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After many years developing one of the best infrared heating panels you will find in both Europe and Australia, the time has come to up the ante with even more features. 

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Wireless Controller

The new controlled is still wireless but with a difference. It now operates on a different frequency, is touch screen, wifi enabled, menus (in multiple languages) are easily identifiable without the need to remember button presses and uses a rechargeable lithium battery!

There is also a series of short videos (both in English and German) taking you through the many features of the new controller. 


For those of you that are running yoga classes, you will be pleased to know that you can now program 8 time/temperature combinations per day of the week. Times can be set in 15 minute blocks using the controller and if you use the application SunnyheatConnect, your flexibility increases as you can program every day of the year! For programming instructions, click here 


Now in some cases, it was challenging connecting the panels as you had to do it one by one and pair them to the controller. When you had 20 panels, that would take some effort! With the new system, you just let the controller automatically find the panels that are in the room! 

Battery Maintenance

The new ecoControl is powered by a Lithium Ion battery. To ensure the longevity of your controller do not leave it plugged in to the power supply. Not only is there a potential to overheat but whilst it is charging the internal thermostat might be reading the wrong temperature. A couple of hours every month is enough to keep the battery fully charged. 

Some of you might be thinking but I have the current Sunnyheat panels, what can I do to take advantage of these great new features?

Well, being innovators, we have considered the need to be able to easily upgrade your existing panel to the new one. If your Sunnyheat panels use the plug in electronic box, you can replace them with new ones. No technical knowledge required and the plugs are exactly the same.

But has the actual panel changed?

The advantage of the Sunnyheat panels is that the base components remain the same and then intelligence is added to them to make them run. So the actual panels are still your solid glass with aluminium frame reliable panels that you have come to know. The electronics however have been improved. That also means that the technical specifications and sizes are still the same. We do however have a new Australian Safety Number - NSW 28698 - ensuring ongoing compliance to AS/NZ electrical product standards. This plug and play design also makes the panels able to take advantage of future developments and changes in electronic capabilities. So you can be certain that these panels will serve you well for many years to come. 

For access to the new manual click here 

Looking for a quote or more information about how to heat our yoga or pilate studio? Then please fill in our Contact Us form by clicking here 

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