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2000W Far Infrared Heating Panels - Hot Yoga Edition



Looking to start your own yoga studio and aren't quite sure what heating panels you need?

Our German Made Sunnyheat far infrared heating panels are specially designed for hot yoga.


But aren't all heating panels the same?

Well no, heating panels are not all the same. Some are made from glass and other are made from ceramic/aluminium compounds. Our panels are made from glass and allow for the quick transfer of heat from the heat mat onto the glass at high temperatures to heat up your yoga studio quickly. This is particularly important in cold temperatures.


What else is different?

Well energy consumed is regulated so the heating panel will not be either on or off like a typical thermostat would make it do. If you run multiple classes a day that is important as it will save you energy. Not to mention all the other intelligence built into them. 

We have been supplying iconic yoga studios around Australia for years and our Sunnyheat infrared heating panel family extends across Europe.


If you want to join us, please contact us by filling out our contact form by clicking the button below.

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