Sunnyheat Infrared Heating was established in 2009 by the German Manufacturer Crea Systems.

Sunnyheat™ is the leading brand in Australia for infrared heating panels. 


About Sunnyheat at a glance!

  • Made in Germany​​

  • 10 Years warranty*

    • We trust our products - that's why we give 10 years warranty for our heating panels​.

  • Only the highest quality safety glass is used for Sunnyheat Panels.

  • Lead-free colours

  • High radiation temperatures

    • Sunnyheat panels can reach a radiation temperature up to 215 degrees​

  • Precise, intelligent wireless controller

    • Sunnyheat is more than a infrared heater, with the intelligence of its Smart Controller, Sunnyheat only gives you the best energy efficiency ​

* Electronic Parts and commercial use are excluded from the guarantee and only applies to a 2-year warranty period.


ecoBright energy solutions is proud to be the exclusive distributor for Sunnyheat Infrared Heating Panels in Australia and New Zealand.


If you’re interested in using Sunnyheat in your yoga studio, home, office, cafe etc or in offering these products to your customers, please feel free to contact us on (03) 9331 0027 or sales@sunnyheat.com.au